Construction & Renovation

With complete in house construction capabilities and significant experience in residential, commercial and industrial construction requirements, we can ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget.
Our ability to sole source projects provides unparalleled flexibility, reduces project timelines and creates the ability to quickly solve any potential issues, which have the ability to influence cost and the overall project duration. With an unwavering commitment to quality combined with
substantial experience in technically challenging construction projects; Momir Capital Contracting is well positioned to take on the most demanding of construction and renovation projects.

Design Build

Our ability to design construction projects, from concept stage to completion, allows our customers to receive a construction product that is not only second to none in quality but one that is efficiently and effectively produced.
The combination of substantial construction experience with internal architectural design, allows us to provide greater insight during all stages of design and construction. By doing so, we can lower the overall cost
of the project by reducing the number of parties involved and ensuring our construction expertise is ingrained in even the most minor details.

Our design build experience includes:

  • Single and Multi-Family Housing
  • Custom Commercial, Residential and Institutional Renovations
  • Commercial Buildingst
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